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Pure RO/DI Water

We use premium Instant Ocean Salt and mx to a salinity of 1.024 for your saltwater needs. Our water is purified through a high volume commercial system that produces 500GPD of 0 TDS.

We sell and install Reverse Ossmosis Dionized Water Purifers starting at $159.95. These units produce 75 GPD of pure water.

We offer Reverse Osmosis D ionized Water  for Freshwater or Saltwater. Our quality control system and commercial RO/DI water purification system ensures the absolute Best Quality purest water possible for your livestock investment with a TDS of < 1.  Our storage capacity is 200 Gallons of RO/DI water and 400 Gallons Salt Water,

We also offer our own private label RO/DI systems at warehouse pricing. All our units have doublle O rings on each housing and utilizes a pressure guage and Flow/Back Flush fitting.

We offer  water by the gallon and mix our Saltwater to 1.023-1.024 using Premium Instant Ocean Salt. Our customers can use their containers, purchase one of our heavy duty 5 gallon jugs or rent a 55 gallon poly drum for larger water changes.

We also offer Water Delivery Service with our Water Truck which can carry up to 220 gallons of Saltwater for water changes or new Tank setups. We make large water changes easy.

On new installations we can pump up to 220 gallons at a distance up to 300' from our Water Truck. Since height is always a major factor in pump efficiency we restrict our service to first floor installations. For 2nd floor and higher sites we can provide a high pressure pump for a surcharge. This is only available on tanks larger then 75 gallons

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