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Curing Live Rock

Coral Reef Aquariums only sells Cured Live Rock. We follow a detailed  process to cure our rock.

Unfortunately we hear it all the time how someone purchased Live Rock online only to find the pieces were not what they expected. The rock wasn't cured and consequently as die off occurred ammonia and nitrate levels spiked up. 

In most cases buying cheap rock online means it was transported by container ship for two weeks or stored in a warehouse leaving you with rock that has been subjected to intense heat crossing the ocean or dried  up in a warehouse.

Our rock is transported by air and has a 2-3 day transport time from collection to us. Once received we cure and offer the freshest cleanest rock possible.

Curing Live Rock

Live Rock

Live Rock is a critical component in both a Marine or Reef tank. In a Reef Tank it becomes the main biological filter and provides critical life forms for the balance of your tank. It provides a platform for inverts, fish and filter feeding animals. Rule of thumb is 1 to 1 1/2lb per gallon.

In a Marine System (Fish Only) it still provides a biological filter and life forms but also a grazing ground for your fish as well as hiding and natural surroundings for your fish. Usually 1/2lb to a 1lb per gallon is sufficient.

Live Rock Types

The widest used live rock is Fiji. We carry Premium Fiji which is a better grade then standard Fiji. We also carry Tonga, Vanuatu, Fusion, Caribbean, Hati and several new varieties.


Fiji Premium Cured $3.99lb

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