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Life Support System

You can choose many types of Filteration for Marine and Reef Aquariums but all of them comprise your aquariums Life Support System. There are basically three types of main Saltwater Filteration systems; Biological/Mechanical, Refugiums and Berlin Sumps.

Biological filters include Canister, Wet/Dry and Hang On Back. All have areas for mechanical  and biological filteration. Refugiums are generally a filter sump with a large compartment to house a mini aquarium filled with a microalgae and a light that goes on after your tank lights go off. A Berlin Sump, sometimes called a Reef Sump, is basically a mechanical filter with large areas to hold media and other equipment. Both a Refugium and Berlin Sump depend on a good quanity of Live Rock in the aquarium to act as medium to colonize bacteria which then becomes the biological filter.

All the above Filter types should include a Protein Skimmer as part of the life support system.


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