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We carry a large selection of coral frags in the $15-$30 range as well as colony corals in the $30-$100 range. We have found that most people prefer a little larger coral frag then a typical tiny frag. Most our coral frags are 2"-4".

Our selection is one of the largest in the area and we carry depth of each coral. This means if we have a Candy Cane coral you can expect to see several in a row on our racks. We strongly support the preservation and restoration of our natural reefs and whenever possible aquaculture our own corals. We hold a Florida certification permit for coral aquaculture AQ0269015. Our Aquaculture facilities follows the established State Best Practices Management to maintain quality control.

Coral Selection

Our coral colonies are imported directly from collection stations located in the many Indo-Pacific regions as well as Australia. Some of these stations also provide us with Aquacultured specimens that they grow in their own facilities or in their local sea.

All corals coming into us, or from our Aquacultured facilities, are dipped in CoralRx to ensure any parasites or unwanted pests are cleaned from the corals before being placed on our holding tanks. Deliveries for corals varies throughout the week but typically arrive a couple times a week.

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