Coral Reef Aquariums at Sweetwater Square has many years of experience in marine culture, handling, and Aquarium sales. The company was formed in 1999 under the name Coral Reef Express located in Daytona Beach. We purchased the company in 2004 and renamed it Coral Reef Aquariums. In late 2009 we relocated it to Sweetwater in Longwood we're we reside. We are a full service Aquariums shop specializing in Freshwater and Saltwater Fish, Hard and Soft Coral, Inverts, Equipment, and one of the largest selections of Dry Goods in the area. We only sell the finest available livestock from the many ocean regions of the world like Hawaii, Indonesia, Bali, Jakarta, Sri Lanka, Kupang, Philippines, Vietnam and the Red Sea.

We receive fresh livestock shipments on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Coral arrivals are usually Mondays and Thursdays. Many of our fish are hand picked from large fish wholesalers in Miami and South West Florida. The remaining orders are shipped directly from various collection stations in the particular regions. We only purchase livestock that is hand caught from divers and stations that we know and trust.

Located at Sweetwater Square in Longwood we are focused on providing a full service Neighborhood Fish Store to our surrounding developments like Sweetwater, Sabal, Hunt Club, Lake Brantley, Altamonte Springs, Wekiva, Apopka, Lake Mary and the surrounding communities. We are truly a Neighborhood Fish Store nestled in the heart of Sweetwater Oaks, Sabal, Hunt Club and Lake Brantley area. We live right here in Sweetwater Oaks less then a mile from the store. Besides being the most convenient Aquarium Store to all these areas we can be at our store within a few minutes for any after hour emergency needs just send a text message to 407-341-5431.

We offer a large selection of dry goods, livestock and corals at great prices and believe our customers prefer to purchase locally if the prices are competitive and the selection is good. Some Aquarium Stores have changed their focus from local face to face business to online web based business. We strongly believe in utilizing today's technology like Social Networking, Blogs, eNewsletters and content rich web sites. However, we strive to integrate brick and mortar face to face business with these web technologies. We will always provide content rich information but our investments in the brick and mortar model and face to face customer relationships won't change. We believe customers want to visit a "neighborhood fish store" to fill their 5 gallon jug with high quality RO/DI freshwater or saltwater, look over the new livestock arrivals, see the latest corals, chat about their underwater world, pick up some food and additives and see any new hardware technologies. In between visits, or after hours, you should be able to check in with us on your favorite social network like Facebook and review an article, see what other customers are doing or just chat. On Twitter you can follow us and get Tweets about livestock arrivals or sale notices. You can find us under Coral Reef Aquariums on Facebook. On Twitter we are CRAQUARIUMS. After hour emergency needs just send a message on Facebook or text 407-341-5431.

We make special accommodations for out of state visitors wanting to bring home some great livestock or coral from Florida. Never a box charge or handling fee. We prep your shipment for up to a 24 hour transport.period for your journey home.

We spend considerable time selecting and building strong relationships with our key vendors so that we can provide our customers the best possible pricing, the highest quality livestock and the newest technologies. A great livestock selection requires having many collection stations around the world to pick from, key importers you can trust and local wholesalers that act as holding stations to select premium livestock from. Once livestock reaches our store they are dipped in special formulas to remove any parasites or disinfect from any potential harmful bacteria. From there they are introduced into our holding systems that contain large mechanical, biological and chemical filtration systems. Together this yields a quality, healthy and diverse selection that customers demand.

Our Aquarium Professional Services offers competitive prices on installations, upgrades and scheduled maintenance. We can deliver quality service to your home, office or business on you freshwater or saltwater underwater world. We can provide temporary service for you while you travel or go on vacation including fish feeding, water changes or tank cleaning. We also provide emergency service after hours, weekends and holidays. There are many aquarium maintenance providers that offer their service. Selecting the right provider should be based on length of time providing service, capability to provide service on any day, diverse knowledge of all your equipment and livestock, able to carry and provide a large water supply for water changes and last but not least the capability to provide you with replacement equipment, livestock, medications and food.  Our Professional Services is a business and we treat it as a business. We provide several levels of service from installations, scheduled maintenance and emergency service. We have many clients in Volusia and Seminole counties that we've been providing service for 7 years. Our service van has the capability to carry 220 gallons of freshwater or saltwater for installations or water changes. Since we are an authorized aquarium brick and mortar business we can provide full supplies, livestock and any needed equipment immediately.  Call us for a free inspection and price quote.

Livestock Guarantee

We GUARANTEE our Livestock as follows.

                         Time Frame      24 Hrs  48Hrs

                                                 1 Day    2 Days

                         Store Credit      100%     50%   

A sample of your water will need to be returned with the dead specimen. We will test your water for excessive ammonia or other toxic traces. If any of these are detected then there is no credit. Fish that are not eating need to be carefully watched and offered appetite enhancing additives. Return the DOA animal and we will issue you a store credit. 

Our staff uses every available technique in order to protect our specimens form bacteria, parasites or fungus. However, there is no way of controlling internal disorders that maybe inherent with a fish. We do our best in selecting healthy looking fish and so do our collection stations but sometimes a disorder is not obvious.

Hours of Operation   (after hours notification or text 407-341-5431)

Saturday 11am to 5pm

Sunday Closed

Monday Closed

Tue-Friday 11 to 5:00

Dry Goods:                                                                                    

All dry good returns are subject to the following conditions:
1) The item has not been used or submerged in water.
2) The product is in its original and undamaged packaging with all cords.
3) All parts, accessories, warranty cards, instructions, etc. must be enclosed.
4) The product must have been purchased within the last 5 days.
Please note: shipping charges are nonrefundable.

All items returned are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Warranty Period:

All dry goods have manufacturer warranties that range from 90 days to 5 years depending on the product and manufacturer. Consult your warranty information included with your product. In most cases manufacturer warranties are honored directly by the manufacturer and not through our store. Please contact the manufacturer. If your product purchase is non-operable upon opening please contact us for DOA instructions. For livestock see our Livestock Guarantee.

Trade Associations & Permits:

We are members of several trade associations including American Marinelife Dealer Association,  NOAA, CORIS and others. We hold license's for Freshwater Livestock and Saltwater Livestock from Florida Fish and Game. All our shipments are inspected by US Customs to ensure our livestock, corals, inverts and live rock are legal and have all the proper CITES permits. While this is all back office information we mention it to ensure you our customer that we follow all state and federal regulations and invest time and funds to the conservation of our Coral Reefs and living oceans.

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